Sunday, September 27, 2009


Daisy (Hey) Korean Movie

The love I have been dreaming of,
It's all so close to me,
But all I can do is,
Watching you without words,

And in this city of strangers,
I lived day by day painting love,
Waiting and hoping that you'll be here,
With the scent of Daisies,

But it is too late now,
That I finally know you,
Maybe we were not meant to be,
I never wanted to let this love fly away.

But I'm sorry I have to leave,
With you still breathing here..

Jane's Note

Speechless pain...
I don't want it... who does? But this do happen in some corner in the world. For those who could be together with your loved ones, treasure them, tell yourself: "Love doesn't change, believe there is love."

My sense of insecurity has haunted me from accepting love, what I've missed? Tons of them...
learning to accept ...

"Love doesn't change!"

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