Monday, May 25, 2009

Simple Together

"Simple Together"

You've been my golden best friend
Now with post-demise at hand
Can't go to you for consolation
Cause we're off limits during this transition
This grief overwhelms me
It burns in my stomach
And i can't stop bumping into things
I thought we'd be simple together
I thought we'd be happy together
Thought we'd be limitless together
I thought we'd be precious together
But i was sadly mistaken
You've been my soulmate and mentor
I remembered you the moment i met you
With you i knew god's face was handsome
With you i suffered an expansion
This loss is numbing me
It pierces my chest
And i can't stop dropping everything
I thought we'd be sexy together
Thought we'd be evolving together
I thought we'd have children together
I thought we'd be family together
But i was sadly mistaken
If i had a bill for all the philosophies i shared
If i had a penny for all the possibilities i presented
If i had a dime for every hand thrown up in the air
My wealth would render this no less severe
I thought we'd be genius together
I thought we'd be healing together
I thought we'd be growing together
Thought we'd be adventurous togheter
But i was sadly mistaken
Thought we'd be exploring together
Thought we'd be inspired together
I thought we'd be flying together
Thought we'd be on fire together
But i was sadly mistaken

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day, dedicated by Mei Ee,
thanks to her
She made my day begins with this light and cheerful song.
Love you

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oceans Will Part

In my life, Your will be done

... * ;* ...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New beginning

A new beginning.

It was really a tough time for me, what to to say...
But I walked through this, rhythm of my heart is disturbed by this,
I thought all the while, I've grown mature, and I am able to handle it,
but this incident shows that I am too naive about the real thing in the world.

It may sound bad at first, if I take it as bad.
It is a reminder call, telling me ... the rhythm is not suited in the style!
That mess up the piece, it is painful experience,
but they don't go well...

Perhaps the piece may sound boring if episode is being anticipated.

Surprise is the key!